I am currently a student studying psychology who has fallen in love with traveling. Back in 2012, I took my first adventure in a Honda Fit across the United States with two of my best friends.For 28 days we drove with a car filled with camping equipment.  By the end of the trip, we drove 10,964 miles through 26 states and camped in 13. This trip was an eye opener because it showed me how naive I really was and how much of the world there is to see.

This past summer I spent 61 days backpacking across 14 countries and 2 continents. This was beyond a life learning and changing experience. I loved it so much that I lived in Munich, Germany for a few months before returning back to the US. I wrote religiously in my journal and I am now recreating it as a larger piece for anyone to enjoy along with helpful articles. Thanks for taking the time to learn about me, I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!



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